Simple Foster Training Online

How Training Works is dedicated to making your training experience as simple and convenient as possible. Whether you're taking training for personal growth or require certification for licensing, we provide simple to use tools that allow you to find the training you are looking for, track and manage your training, and generate custom certificates based on the courses you've completed.

As a guide to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, we've outlined the process in the following four steps.

Training step 1

Choose a subscription

The first step to training is signing up. provides a variety of subscription options to choose from. We offer single-user or multi-user (family) options for one to five year increments.

All subscriptions provide UNLIMITED training for the duration of the subscription. With our ever-growing course list you can get as much or as little training as you want, all for one low price.

We also offer special lifetime subscriptions and group subscriptions for those who need them. If you are interested in one of these options please contact our support team.

Get Started

Training step 2

Find a training course

We offer a large selection of training courses for you to choose from. Luckily you don't need to choose just one; you can take as many courses as you like.

You can review and search our offerings on the course list page. You will find a variety of subjects and training categories to choose from. Each course has a title and description, as well as the number of credits assigned to it. The number of credits is roughly equivalent to the number of hours it will take to complete the course. For those that require a certain number of hours for certification, credits can be used for tracking your progress.

Find Courses

Training step 3

Complete the quiz

Each course has a quiz to complete after reading the course material. The quiz will consist of a number of multiple-choice questions for you to answer. You may attempt to complete the quiz as many times as you like. Upon completion, the course will be marked as completed and you may print your certificate.

Training step 3

Get a certificate of completion

Congratulations. If you've completed your course then you're ready to print your certificate. A list of your courses can be found on the "My Account" page. This page lists both completed and in-progress courses. All completed courses will allow you to generate certificates as proof of completed.

You can also create customized certificates that include the courses of your choosing by clicking the "Print Multi-Course Certificate" button below the course listing. This certificate is convenient for summarizing all your training for those that require certification.