Simple Foster Training Online

Common Questions

These are our mostly commonly asked questions. If your concern isn't addressed please leave a comment on our home page or send us an email at

How many courses can I take during my subscription?
With a subscription to you have full access to our course catalogue and can take as many courses as you want.
How many certificates can I create during my subscription?
You can create as many certificates as you desire during your subscription. Certificates may contain a single course or multiple courses.
Where can my certificates be used?
Our certificates are most commonly used for satisfying the annual training hours that are required of foster parents by most Counties. Each County has its own requirements and restrictions and you should consult with you social worker for the details within your County.
I am interested in becoming a foster parent, how do I get started?
If you are looking to become a new foster parent I suggest you contact your local County's Department of Social Services. The requirements to become a foster parent vary greatly between County and State, so you'll need to work with your local government to start the process. Once you become a foster parent, most Counties require a certain number of training hours annually, and that's where we come in.
Can I browse your courses before I purchase a subscription?
Yes! Head over to our courses page to view all of the currently offered courses.
I am having trouble with the site, please help!
We are here to help! If you are having trouble please fill out our contact form. This is the quickest way to contact us. If you are still having trouble please send an email to: We will follow up with you as quickly as we are able to make your learning experience as easy as possible.